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Registration to Vienna EUDC 2015 is now open

Registration to Vienna EUDC 2015 has opened and will remain accessible until Saturday, 14 February 2015, 2 p.m. Vienna time. Institutions who wish to register teams and judges should follow this link: The technical details of the registration are as

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International Crew Recruitment – Update 1

[Update June 6 2015] The International Crew is now complete. Thanks for all the applications! Should more spots in the International Crew open, we will open applications again. —————— Vienna EUDC 2015 will expand its OrgCom for international Crew members

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Milos Nikolic

Debate is life, and the best stories are written by life. The story of Milos how joined DKWien is definitely one that sounds like a fairy tale of European integration. He was boarding a bus in Vienna, where he had

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Marina Kojić

Marina has been a debater since long before she joined DKWien this year or before first speaking in a competitive debate. She feels affected by social and political issues of local and global importance, and often studies the news. Sometimes

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April Reino

If April could pick the city for the next Euros, she would have it take place in Milan, for debates in warm weather on a city square, surrounded by pigeons, tourists, beautiful Italian people and descendants of the Roman Gods.

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Daniel Koch

Daniel Koch is a chemist who helps with funding Vienna EUDC….. No, not what you think! Okay, one thing after the other: Daniel studies Technical Chemistry at the Technical University of Vienna. He works on funding applications for Vienna EUDC.

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Miri Muntean

Miri Muntean is one of DKWien’s fresh talents who quickly developed a strong taste for strong argumentation. Thankfully, she has never since managed to devote less time to debating and the debating society. She can truly be confident in her

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Kathi Stangl

Kathi Stangl’s favourite colour is green. So was that the reason for her to choose Ireland for her Erasmus semester abroad, or was it the thriving debating community? What can be said for certain is that her curiosity for debating

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