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Vienna EUDC Final Report to Warsaw EUDC Council

Wondering how we assess Vienna EUDC one year after it happened? The Vienna EUDC Final Report includes all important information, covering the topics: Budget, Participants, Media, Trouble Shooting, Competition and general leanings. You find it here: Vienna EUDC Final Report

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How to Minimise the Queue at Reg?

For Vienna EUDC we implemented some innovations to the traditional system of on-site registration of debating tournaments. The results were very positive. Our system managed to dramatically reduce the waiting-time for participants and at the same time allowed us to

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Vienna EUDC Resources

Overview Full Tab All Pictures Full Video Playlist Impressions by Lichtspielmanufaktur Tournament Sum Up: Final Image Impressions Impressions Short Vienna EUDC the Heat is On Videos Interview with Rektor Badelt Day One Impressions Opening Day Round 1:  This House would pay

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Vienna EUDC Thank You Credits

After more than 2 years of convening Vienna EUDC, I am proud to say this Festival of Freedom of Speech was a success.   For me Vienna EUDC was a huge endeavour which demanded a lot, especially in the past

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Vienna EUDC Brochure

You will receive a hard copy of the Vienna EUDC Participant Brochure as soon as you arrive anyway. Yet, we do see how the booklet turned out somewhat too nice to have you wait for it. Here it is online: Vienna

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Vienna EUDC Tie Break Policy

Where two or more teams are tied on team points and speaker points but both or all of these teams will break, the order in which the teams will be deemed to break will be decided by which team has

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Vienna EUDC 2015 Equity Briefing

At Vienna EUDC, we all, debaters, adjudicators, crew want to enjoy a great and positive atmosphere. In order for that to occur, it is important that we abide by certain simple and logical rules of human interaction. The Equity Team

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Vienna EUDC Info Email #1

In case the first Vienna EUDC Info Email was gulped by your spam filter, you find it here online.

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Convenor’s Introduction to EUDC

Debating is a beautiful game. The competition of ideas sharpens our thoughts and broadens our views; the playful contest leads us on the path to personal growth and teaches us a powerful tool in shaping communal progress. This is the

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Vienna EUDC Debaters and Adjudicator Briefings

The briefings are important information for all debaters and adjudicators at Vienna EUDC. Find them here: Debaters Adjudicators Adjudicators should also make sure they do not forget to fill out the adjudication test before the competition.

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