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Language Policy

Questions about your language status? The Vienna EUDC Language Policy will answer them. For any further advice, please contact our language officer Nika Jelaska.

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Registration Update 3

Registration Update 3 covers 4 important topics for every participant. Please make sure to read it carefully. Online check-in and data for institutional debaters and adjudicators Online check-in for all other delegates Accommodation and arrival information Important information on local

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Equity Guidelines

So that we all get along well with each other at Vienna EUDC, our Equity Team (Yael Bezalel, Leela Koenig and Peer Klüßendorf) will do their best to prevent and solve conflict between people present at the event. The Vienna

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Schedule Preview 1.0

Wondering what the Vienna EUDC schedule will look like? Here is an overview.

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The Countdown is on!

What You Can Look Forward To at Vienna EUDC Hey there, There is not too much time left until over 700 participants and a motivated crew will gather at Campus WU to kick-off for Vienna EUDC. You can look forward

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Learnings from the First Phase of Registration

Registration for Vienna EUDC is a major challenge in organising the tournament. There are therefore three factors that require special scrutiny: The enormous cash inflow and the associat­­­ed work of bookkeeping and identifying the payments; Liquidity constraints that only allow

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Registration Update 2: Reallocations

Everything you need to know about cancelled teams and reallocated teams: Reg Update 2 has answers for you.  

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Observer Registration Open

Hey there, if you want to come to Vienna EUDC as an observer, please register following this link. Slots will be confirmed on a rolling basis, registration closes 4 May 2015. See you in Vienna in August!

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Observer Registration Outline

For those of you who want to come to Vienna EUDC to watch and observe, check out the Vienna EUDC Observer Registration Outline !

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Initial List of Allocations and Waiting List (10-3-2015)

If you want to get an overview of the institutions and the waiting list at Vienna EUDC, you can view the initial list of allocations with the link below. Please keep in mind the following caveats: The sheet only shows

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