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How to Minimise the Queue at Reg?

For Vienna EUDC we implemented some innovations to the traditional system of on-site registration of debating tournaments. The results were very positive. Our system managed to dramatically reduce the waiting-time for participants and at the same time allowed us to

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Vienna EUDC Thank You Credits

After more than 2 years of convening Vienna EUDC, I am proud to say this Festival of Freedom of Speech was a success.   For me Vienna EUDC was a huge endeavour which demanded a lot, especially in the past

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The Vienna Amusement Tax

…or why our 1 EUR are obligatory at Prater Sauna and WUK First, you need to know that Viennese people seem to love bureaucracy, or rather that the Viennese bureaucrazy loves itself. Indeed, the city of Vienna employs more bureaucrats than the institutions of the European

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Convenor’s Introduction to EUDC

Debating is a beautiful game. The competition of ideas sharpens our thoughts and broadens our views; the playful contest leads us on the path to personal growth and teaches us a powerful tool in shaping communal progress. This is the

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The Countdown is on!

What You Can Look Forward To at Vienna EUDC Hey there, There is not too much time left until over 700 participants and a motivated crew will gather at Campus WU to kick-off for Vienna EUDC. You can look forward

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Learnings from the First Phase of Registration

Registration for Vienna EUDC is a major challenge in organising the tournament. There are therefore three factors that require special scrutiny: The enormous cash inflow and the associat­­­ed work of bookkeeping and identifying the payments; Liquidity constraints that only allow

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Est-ce que nous sommes Charlie?

Vienna EUDC is a festival of Freedom of Expression. It is vital to understand that exercising this freedom means respecting each other while contesting authorities. We debaters are ambassadors of freedom of expression. Debating is based on the assumption that

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Where Does Your Reg Fee Flow?

In the past months, we have been playing around with numbers a lot to update and finalise the working budget for the competition. Our Budgeting Team of Regina, Karoline and Gwen, business and economics graduates working in the field have

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Professionalisation at Debattierklub Wien, fictive Questions and Answers

Due to DKWien’s successful bid to host the European Universities’ Debating Championships in Vienna (Vienna EUDC), necessary organisational activities reached a level that could not be adequately administered by DKWien, legally or otherwise. As a result, we undertook several steps

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The Head Start – Experiences from year 1 of a two year bid

Last year we stepped forward with Vienna EUDC as the first bid applying to council two years in advance of the actual event. In the paper below, I will shortly sum up our experiences with the ‘extra year’ of preparation

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