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Kilometres for You – With Vienna EUDC and Star Alliance

I am a traveller as much as I am a debater. When the landscape begins to change outside the car window, when the flight is touching down and everything looks ever so slightly different from home, debating reveals its nomadic

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Lessons Learned: A Résumé on Vienna IV 2014

From 7th to 9th March 2014, DKWien hosted the largest IV that ever took place in continental Europe. Vienna IV 2014 had a cap of 100 teams, with 96 (or 97?*) of them showing up. In many ways this tournament

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2013 Retrospect – The Starting Position for 2014

2015 is one year closer with 2014. I will use the end of the year to look back on the progress we made with Vienna EUDC since we secured the bid in August. [This post was written before Chennai WUDC

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Introducing Debating to the Public – A Breeze of Change?

When I started debating in late 2009 I dare say that rarely anybody in Austria knew that something like debating actually exists. Luckily my parents stumbled across that tiny newspaper article back then that wrote about ‘this new form of

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What makes a good tournament? – A Vision for Vienna EUDC 2015

Are Vienna EUDC 2015 going to be the biggest and fanciest EUDC ever? The answer is ‘not necessarily’, at least it is not what we are aiming for. We want to provide you with a very good EUDC instead. The

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The Cat Is Out of the Bag – Finally

I don’t know for how long a Vienna Euros already has been floating around in our minds at DKWien. Certainly we thought about it in 2012 after a cracking success at Vienna IV, certainly these thoughts had come up before

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