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Vienna EUDC Final Report to Warsaw EUDC Council

Wondering how we assess Vienna EUDC one year after it happened? The Vienna EUDC Final Report includes all important information, covering the topics: Budget, Participants, Media, Trouble Shooting, Competition and general leanings. You find it here: Vienna EUDC Final Report

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Vienna EUDC 2015 – Finals

You want to listen to some of the smartest Speakers of whole Europe debate about a current political, economical or cultural topic? The European University Debating Championship is going into it’s final rounds, which are all open to the public! But where and

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Equity Guidelines

So that we all get along well with each other at Vienna EUDC, our Equity Team (Yael Bezalel, Leela Koenig and Peer Klüßendorf) will do their best to prevent and solve conflict between people present at the event. The Vienna

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Schedule Preview 1.0

Wondering what the Vienna EUDC schedule will look like? Here is an overview.

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The Countdown is on!

What You Can Look Forward To at Vienna EUDC Hey there, There is not too much time left until over 700 participants and a motivated crew will gather at Campus WU to kick-off for Vienna EUDC. You can look forward

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Interview with our Convenor on Achte Minute

The German Debating online debating journal just published an interview with our convenor Stefan (English article). Check it out to get yourself informed about the current state of affairs at Vienna EUDC.

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DCA Application Process Outline

Do you want to become part of the crew? Vienna EUDC is looking for 3 DCAs to complement the team. Please find all the details about the application process and the selection criteria in the official DCA Application Process Outline.

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The Blue Danube Euros – Welcome Aboard!

Waltz into the imperial city of Vienna and enjoy a cocktail to the classic tunes that pervade the city. The Blue Danube Euros are going to be as classy as the imperial past of this place. There will be venues

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Prospective Schedule (bid version v2.0)

This is a draft of the schedule for Vienna EUDC 2015. The days on which the rounds will take place are certain. Yet, expect changes to the socials since we might come up with even better ideas.

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