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Interview with our Convenor on Achte Minute

The German Debating online debating journal just published an interview with our convenor Stefan (English article). Check it out to get yourself informed about the current state of affairs at Vienna EUDC.

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Meet the Vienna EUDC DCAs

  Amanda Moorghen A historic addition, Amanda is the first woman from the United Kingdom to be on an EUDC Chief Adjudication team. This is not surprising though, as during the past few years Amanda became a force to be

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Kilometres for You – With Vienna EUDC and Star Alliance

I am a traveller as much as I am a debater. When the landscape begins to change outside the car window, when the flight is touching down and everything looks ever so slightly different from home, debating reveals its nomadic

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DCA Application Process Outline

Do you want to become part of the crew? Vienna EUDC is looking for 3 DCAs to complement the team. Please find all the details about the application process and the selection criteria in the official DCA Application Process Outline.

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Campus WU On-Site Visit

The brand-new WU Campus is the home of Vienna EUDC. Out of mere coincidence it opened its gates for members of the public for the first time literally just two days before the bid was ratified by Council. The Vienna University

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Bid Booklet v1.1

The next version of our bid booklet comes with a budget forecast and is thus ready for the presentation to Council in Manchester. The document is available for download here. There is no FAQ yet, mainly because we haven’t received

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Bid Booklet First Version (v1.0)

Check out the first Version of our bid booklet, by downloading it here. Email your questions to

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The Blue Danube Euros – Welcome Aboard!

Waltz into the imperial city of Vienna and enjoy a cocktail to the classic tunes that pervade the city. The Blue Danube Euros are going to be as classy as the imperial past of this place. There will be venues

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Prospective Schedule (bid version v2.0)

This is a draft of the schedule for Vienna EUDC 2015. The days on which the rounds will take place are certain. Yet, expect changes to the socials since we might come up with even better ideas.

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