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christinewebChristine Simpson

Chief Adjudicator

Christine Simpson was 5th best speaker at WUDC 2013, finalist of EUDC and winner of competitions such as the SOAS and Trinity IVs. Yet, more importantly, she has proven herself as an outstanding CA at the Moscow-, Jacobs-, and Bristol Opens in 2013, Edinburgh Cup, Durham-, and Cork IV in 2012. As a rising star Christine brings fresh creativity and assiduity into the CA team. Her friendliness and enthusiasm perfectly match the spirit of Vienna EUDC 2015.

In the upcoming months, you will be able to meet Christine at: TBA



Michael Shapiramichaelweb

Chief Adjudicator

Michael is DCA of Chennai WUDC 2014 and one of the most experienced CAs in Europe. He worked as chief adjudicator for almost every tournament on the European continent. As a consequence he is not only an exceedingly skilled motion setter but also brings profound adjudication know-how into the Vienna EUDC adjudication core. He enjoys strong ties to DKWien rooting back to his first adjudication break at Vienna IV 2011. He was also part of the Vienna IV 2012 and 2013 CA-team.

In the upcoming months, you will be able to meet Michael at Budapest Open and Copenhagen Open.



Amanda Moorghen

Deputy Chief Adjudicator

AmandaA historic addition, Amanda is the first woman from England to be on an EUDC Chief Adjudication team. This is not surprising though, as during the past few years Amanda became a force to be reckoned with in British judging and has recently started projecting that force across the continent. Her work in the English  Speaking Union means that she deals with different ways and methods of helping students from all over the world to become better debaters everyday and is a walking encyclopedia of knowledge when it comes to debate coaching.

Her pedagogic approach promises that Vienna EUDC 2015 will help making debate as accessible as possible, as well as the kind of Euros that makes good debaters become great. In the upcoming months, you will be able to meet Amanda at: Warwick IV, John Smith Memorial Mace (English Mace), Manchester IV, UCL IV, Manchester IV, Berlin IV, Paris Open

Emilia Carlqvist

Deputy Chief Adjudicator

EmiliaOn the morning of August 23 2013, few people had heard of The Lund Debating Society (apparently it is in Sweden). By the end of the day, Emilia and her partner (Peer Klüßendorf) changed that by winning the ESL European Championship (Manchester EUDC 2013). If anyone still had doubts, a few months later she reached the ESL Worlds Final (Chennai WUDC 2014). Since then, like a true Viking, Emilia has been moving from one European tournament to another, collecting awards and building an impressive judging CV. If that is not enough, she is doing all this while studying medicine.

Emilia has all the attributes that we believe should characterize European debating: professionalism, an innovative approach to things and a diverse background, while remaining fun and relaxed.

In the upcoming months, you will be able to meet Emilia at:  Leiden Open, Budapest Open, Copenhagen Open, Paris Open, Glasgow Ancients



Gavin Illsley

Deputy Chief Adjudicator

Gavin1A historic addition of a different sort, Gavin has been part of the EUDC tradition for over a decade. A former European Champion himself (EUDC Berlin 2006) and a constant member of different Chief Adjudication teams across Europe over the years, few people in the world could top the amount of experience Gavin brings to the team. Whatever we may try or want to do in Vienna EUDC 2015, chances are high Gavin has seen someone attempting something similar before and has already learned the lessons.

Gavin’s wealth of Euros-related knowledge saves the team valuable time, makes us better and ensures that the participants get an Euros experience that takes full advantage of all the lessons learned in previous years.

In the upcoming months, you will be able to meet Gavin at: WUDC Kuala Lumpur



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DCA Appointment Process

Our DCAs were chosen in a process that involved open applications as well as applications by nominations and feedback from the debating community. Details of the process are outlined here.

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