Call for Feedback on DCA Applicants

Dear European Debating Community,

It is now time to present your list of candidates to DCA Vienna EUDC 2015.

We are very proud and grateful that such an undeniably talented group of people from all over Europe have expressed interest in joining us on this exciting adventure.

In alphabetical order, the applicants are:

 Michael Barton
 Yael Bezalel
 Emilia Carlqvist​
 Radu Cotarcea
Duncan Crowe
 Benjamin Dory
 Ben Gladnikoff
 Anna Karolin
 Peer Klüßendorf
 Gavin Illsley
 Nicole Loiter
 Harry McEvansoneya
 Karin Merckens
 Amanda Moorghen
 Adam Noonan
 Chris Papadopoulos
 Viktor Prlja
 Ioana Stupariu

Obviously picking only three individuals out of this amazing list is far from an easy task. It is not just about picking the longest CV, the best judge, or the most creative motion setter. It is about trying to create a family atmosphere in which we can enjoy a productive, rewarding and fun experience aimed at delivering to the debating community the EUDC it deserves.

As stated in our DCA application process document, we are now turning to you, the debating community, to help us make better decisions. So, as promised, we are opening the Feedback window.

Call for Feedback

Anyone who has had any type of interaction with any these candidates or all of them, is encouraged to write us at What we would like to hear from you is anything that you think is related to their ability to do a good job as DCAs of Vienna EUDC 2015. This could be purely professional observations, for example you think they are fantastic BP judges, or more personal ones like you believe we will enjoy the company of this person.

We have also made efforts to make ourselves available in two upcoming tournaments during the Feedback window so that if you wish to talk to us in person about a candidate or candidates, you may do so. You can find us either between the 11-13 of April at the Berlin IV (Michael) or between the 25-27 of April at the Paris Open (Christine). Any information or opinions regarding the DCA application process you share with either of us will be passed on to the other CO-CA.

As previously announced, our Feedback window will close 1st of May 00:01.


While your feedback will have to bear your name and some contact details. It will be read and discussed only by ourselves. In that regard, one thing we would like to make absolutely clear :

We will never disclose if you wrote, who you wrote about, or what you wrote to any third parties. Nor will we ever discuss ‘the general atmosphere’ towards a specific candidate with any third parties. We regard your trust in us as sacred. There will be no exceptions to this pledge.

We hope to hear helpful feedback from as many as you soon. We are very pleased to know that whoever we end up choosing, it will be 3 out of these excellent 18.


Christine & Michael

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