Andreas Prischl

Andreas Prischl

Andreas Prischl is Vienna EUDC’s lovely, caring chief of staff. This involves ensuring everyone is well integrated into the pirate crew and feeling their best. He’s been debating since fall 2009 and among his biggest achievements is the break at the Red Sea Open 2013 together with Jakob.

Andreas debates in order to gain a better understanding of the world in a social way. He says he gets plenty of monologues at university, what with lectures sometimes being rather monotone and writing papers also not requiring an exchange of thoughts. What he loves about debating is that it’s always a dialogue with other people and affords him the opportunity to interact with others. This caring and kind attitude shines through in everything that he does as our chief of staff. It’s not surprising, then, that he thinks (and the crew would agree with him!) that his work has been going great so far. He has never managed a team quite this big, and most of his experience took place in a much smaller setting, but his warmth and kind-heartedness seem inexhaustible even in larger groups.

Andreas believes in Vienna EUDC because he thinks the debating community needs good examples of how to run a tournament. He sees the benefit of his hard work in raising the standard for debate tournaments everywhere. He wants to inspire people through Vienna EUDC and show what can happen when students live up to their full potential and give it 120% of dedication. If people go home saying “That’s the kind of Euros we want!” and use Vienna EUDC as a shining example of how a tournament should be run, Andreas will be happy.

If money, time or resources were not a limiting factor, Andreas says he would have the debates of the competition broadcasted widely on all major TV networks in Europe. “And what about your life outside of debating?”; I ask Andreas. He smiles and replies: “All prep-time!” But he does tell me that prep-time encompasses his History studies at the University of Vienna, going abroad a lot, playing the electric guitar and Ultimate Frisbee, a team sport he loves.

Andreas also shared his thoughts on debating and Vienna EUDC in a video – watch it below!

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