Elisabeth Vikydal

Elisabeth Vikydal

Eli is our creative and talented Head of Cultural Program for EUDC – she’s in charge of planning trips, city tours and sight-seeing on the days of the quarter- and semi-finals. She studies art history at the University of Vienna and will use her expert judgment to select only the very best of Viennese art and culture for our participants.

Eli has been debating since October of 2012, when she met two other members of DKWien at a party hosted by mutual acquaintances. They convinced her to tag along, she loved the first session, and the rest, as they say, is history. Eli debates because she likes the DK crowd, but also because she likes to challenge herself intellectually and because she loves travelling. Debate, she says, seemed like an easy and fairly cheap way to see the world. She’s certainly living her dream and regularly travels to tournaments all over the globe. Out of all the motions she’s debated so far, her favorite was “This house believes that the Australian flag should be exchanged for the Aboriginal flag”, but she likes anything related to cultural issues.

Eli is involved in EUDC, she says, because she wants to be part of such an awesomely large event and its legacy, and when it’s all over, she wants to be able to say “Look! I was part of this epic event!” (We think that’s a brilliant reason.) For her, planning a cultural program is also good work experience, since she hopes to work with art and culture after university. If Eli had unlimited money and resources, she would make Euros two weeks long instead of one, and spend the second week debating on the countryside. She grew up outside of Vienna and she thinks it would be nice for people to see the rest of Austria and debate in a more relaxed atmosphere, surrounded by cows and green meadows.

When I ask her how she would define a successful EUDC, she laughs and answers: “Well, for one thing, it would be really cool if we all still got along after.” The twinkle in her eyes tells me she doesn’t really doubt that, and she then goes on to say that for her, a great EUDC has to have both amazing socials and wonderful motions, so that no matter what someone’s main reason for travelling to Vienna is, they leave happy and satisfied.

For the few who still have not seen it: Eli runs our more less official Tumblr “Debaters gonna debate”.

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