Florian Prischl

Florian Prischl

When you listen to Florian speak, you can hear that he has earned the delicious fruits of his debating career. His words are structured and well thought through. In his opinion, debating improves precise thinking in two regards. First, it helps people explain their position more clearly. Florian says that the clarity of thought is one of his most important skills he took away from his time in debating. He now knows exactly what he wants, be it in an argument, in private or professional life. One can see that this skill paid off, Florian is now a successful associate at one of Central Europe’s largest law firms.

The second aspect that debating taught him is to understand another person’s position in an argument. Again, when Florian speaks of an argument, he is not only speaking about debating. The situations he describes happen in real life, in society, in relationships or at work. Debating improves the discourse in any situation where opinions dissent. Generally, Florian would like to see more disagreement in society – but for different reasons than his success as a lawyer.

Certainly, he has contributed to bringing more structured disagreement, i.e. debating to Austria. He first came in touch with the sport during a high-school exchange close to San Antonio, Texas. There, debating is normal in school and Florian, who had remotely heard of debating before, curiously joined the team out of passion for speech. As a talented speaker, he made it into the regional circuit of the Texan public speaking scene. When he came back to Vienna, he looked for something similar and found Matthias Moser and Lukas Grill, who were already debating in the small society that would later become DKWien.

There were several years of development between then and EUDC. Yet, the DKWien-spirit is still the same and so is his aim of promoting arguments. In Florian’s opinion, having an argument means to analyse, to clarify viewpoints, and to be clearer on what we want to achieve for society. Therefore, an argument is not negative nor positive, but necessary in order to develop and to solve the questions we ask ourselves. Debating is for him a means to this end; he sees it as a vital tool that should be available to everyone.

Vienna EUDC is a small but significant step towards this goal for Florian. The event should teach the participants, the OrgCom and the visitors the importance of arguments. The debates at Vienna EUDC demonstrate the power of speech and allow those who perceive them to recognise how crucial this skill can be for us to develop as a society. Hence, he is massively proud that DKWien hosts this second most important debating event in the World, after it developed so successfully in the past years.

At Vienna EUDC, Florian a member of the tab team with Richard and Calum. He has already tabbed at multiple tournaments and is ready for the work in the narrow alley between CA Team and OrgCom. The tab team is more than just a cog of the wheel at Vienna EUDC, they play a crucial role in the functioning of what will be a well-run tournament. Any problem in the tab causes delays, and therefore affects all participants. Florian will be working hard with Richard and Calum to ensure this will not happen. Therefore, the tab room is also one of the few places where he does not believe that more arguments are necessary – there (and only there) efficiency trumps dissent.

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