Ingo Bandhauer

Ingo Bandhauer

As part of the socials team Ingo is responsible for organising parties where the Vienna EUDC participants can shake out the losses of the day or better celebrate their wins together with their new friends from all around Europe. Details are still a secret, so this shall rather continue with Ingo himself. He joined DKWien out of curiosity for debates and discussions and soon discovered he enjoys the in-depth analysis of any given topic in the course of a debate. He may seem not all too talkative to new people, but in fact he is fond of the playful art of the spoken word together with and in front of other people.

Ingo studies Law at the University of Vienna and one day saw a little announcement about that “debating club’s event” on the university’s website. Lucky for him he attended, lucky for us he attended and stayed! When he watched a first-class final debate of a tournament abroad, he knew that this is what he wants to pursue and felt himself pushed to develop his skills. Besides prepping with more experienced debaters his way to go is mainly the debater’s daily grind: practice, listen, and more practice and listen, best at tournaments.

An outstanding university course with a retired barrister made Ingo think that critical thinking or negotiation by the art of the spoken word are almost absent from the standard Austrian curriculum. Since of course they are the nuts and bolts of debating, Vienna EUDC could give an impulse to change Austrian education into that direction. The attention raised with this event will bring more and more students into debating, until it will be close to a normality to debate at university or school. From that time onwards, the critical weighing of words and arguments will be a matter of self-understanding, Ingo hopes.
Until that day, it will be our job first and foremost to host well-organised Euros. They will centre around great accommodation, great food and great debates. Once this “great” truly matches all three of them, little details could make it even perfect. Ingo likes the fact that students can take up tasks of previously unknown responsibility in this huge student endeavour, which for once makes real teamwork a necessity.

EUDC summer might still feel far away. Would you like to get a taste of it now in Advent time? Ingo explains debating and palm trees and their relation to each other in this video:

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