Jakob Reiter

Jakob Reiter

Some are just good at what they do; some try their hardest to achieve their ambitious goals. And then there is Jakob — a guy who has incredible visions no one believes could ever be achieved.

Yet, every single time Jakob uses some of his magic, visions turn into reality –  except five times as awesome. As former president of the society, Jakob has overseen the rise of DKWien. He has been central to DKWien achieving things that now seem self-evident but were thought to be impossible two years prior, such as the Vienna IV and the successful introduction of debating to Austrian schools.

Jakob is the Ambassador (a.k.a. Convenor #2) for Vienna EUDC, which means that he represents the tournament in front of external stakeholders – omnomnom steaks. This includes meeting with partners, governmental organizations and press, as well as attending events to promote debating through EUDC. He is literally everywhere (check under your sofa!) and speaks to everyone about EUDC.

When not busy with Vienna EUDC, Jakob studies Management Information Systems and Business Law as a second degree at the University of Business and Economics in Vienna. Jakob is also an active entrepreneur involved in multiple companies such as  SIMPLEWISH.eu, theVentury and others. More information can be found on his personal site at www.reiter.io.

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