Katharina Wamser

Katharina Wamser

Kathi is part of our wonderful registration team for Vienna EUDC. She stumbled across DKWien right after moving to Vienna from Baden-Baden, Germany and has now been debating for a little over two years.

She describes herself as a very open-minded and extroverted person who enjoys learning and experiencing new things, and that is exactly why she debates. She thinks it’s wonderful that at tournaments, debaters have the opportunity to meet people from all over the world and from very different cultures, which is something that you would not usually be able to experience. To Kathi, this international context is really valuable because it discourages prejudice and allows young people to broaden their horizons and come into contact with different cultures personally.

Kathi believes in Vienna EUDC for those very same reasons. She sees the tournament as an opportunity to meet people from different backgrounds and is delighted that Vienna was chosen as the place for all those participants to come together. She also got involved in EUDC in order to get to know herself better as a person. Being very reflective, she enjoys pushing her limits and finding out just how resistant she is to stress (very much so, we hope!), how she copes with different challenges and how flexible she can be. She thinks a project of this magnitude is a really great way of finding out where you fit in inside of a large organizational group, and she also looks forward very much to having a celebratory beer with everyone after the tournament and the sense of pride and accomplishment that we are all likely to feel.

Indeed, Kathi is sure to do an amazing job at EUDC, having convened Vienna Freshers’ 2014, at which her main goal was to ensure new debaters were welcomed to the scene warmly and that they would learn and improve lots thanks to amazing judges. In fact, she says that at previous Vienna IV and Freshers’ tournaments, participants came to congratulate her on the great organizational work and success. She says that if the same thing happens at EUDC, the tournament will have been a success.

If EUDC had unlimited money and resources, Kathi would rent a huge ship, hold the final there, and then cruise along the Danube to Prague for cheap beer and an after-finals social on water.

Outside of debating, Kathi studies law at the University of Vienna and enjoys going for a beer with friends and the people who are important to her.

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