Madlen Stottmeyer

Madlen Stottmeyer

Madlen has been a part of DKWien for over 2 years and, even in that relatively short time, has shown herself an outstandingly successful debater, managing to rank 17th in the ESL category at Manchester EUDC 2013, 16th in the ESL Category at Chennai WUDC 2014, win the Vienna Mini in 2013 and 2014 and the Cambridge Women’s 2014, as well as reaching the ESL final at the Cambridge IV 2014, the semi-final at Belgrade Open 2014, judging the finals at the Vienna IV 2014 and being the CA for Vienna Fresher’s 2014.

She studies economics and political science at the University of Vienna and was brought along to her first debate by Andreas Villarreal, whom she knew from university. At the social afterwards, Madlen took part in a stimulating discussion and decided that she could learn a lot both from the debates and the discussions that follow. So, she started attending training regularly, and the rest, as they say, is history.

At Vienna EUDC, she is responsible for forming and maintaining press contacts as well as ensuring the event is present in the press. She is passionate about EUDC because she likes the way large tournaments bring together the entire debating circuit. To her, WUDC and EUDC are the tournaments that are most likely to catch the media’s attention, and the events through which the voice of the debating community is heard the loudest. She thinks that especially at those events, it is important to let the outside world know how important debating is in encouraging reflection, critical thinking and peaceful argumentation, something that is not as easily achieved through hosting smaller competitions.

If she could implement one crazy idea at EUDC, she would have famous Austrians like Christoph Waltz, Arnold Schwarzenegger or Conchita Wurst deliver a few words of welcome every morning. She would also provide equipment like hula hoop rings, Frisbees or balls for the participants to use freely, in order to make sure people get up and moving to clear their minds a little. As for the success of the tournament, Madlen thinks that the less people talk about the OrgCom after the event, the better. If participants comment on the motions and on the debates more than on the organizational aspect, she believes the organizers can be proud. She also hopes the project will see DKWien grow closer together, and that every single person will have been proud to be on the team and feel they were an important part of the OrgCom.

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