Milos Nikolic

Milos Nikolic

Debate is life, and the best stories are written by life. The story of Milos how joined DKWien is definitely one that sounds like a fairy tale of European integration. He was boarding a bus in Vienna, where he had just started to study Law, but even much more going to happen: Next to him sat two young students that had had to change seats, and who was that? DKWien’s own Elli and Luka, who travelled through several European countries to attend a debating competition, and who soon introduced Milos to the debating society.

Milos says it was definitely a great decision – both to study and to debate in Vienna. Debating has made Milos adopt a new way of thinking. Debating gives him an opportunity to learn with young intellectuals and exchange ideas with them, and he says it also sharpened his opinions and their expression, therefore makes him more of an individual.

If asked what is needed for debating, he starts with the simplest infrastructure: A set of tables and chairs on a university campus. Great luck the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU Wien) built a wonderful campus around that, perfectly in time for Vienna EUDC. That project is that one opportunity within a student’s debating career, one big privilege that only few have the chance to host within their four or five years of university. The hardest thing about it is waiting until August. Another idea of globalised simplicity: Ice Cream for Vienna Euros! Or Arnold Schwarzenegger as a security guard for socials, just a little harder to get.

In the end, great debates and great people forming friendships and acquaintances will determine the success of Vienna Euros. Farther into the future, debating in Austria will hopefully be a broad movement. A public that truly debates will be capable of assessing the news as much as daily life in a different way and will thus be a critical public. Vienna EUDC will bring momentum to that cause. Milos is an optimistic person who hopes to spread such enthusiasm.

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