Convenor’s Introduction to EUDC

Debating is a beautiful game. The competition of ideas sharpens our thoughts and broadens our views; the playful contest leads us on the path to personal growth and teaches us a powerful tool in shaping communal progress. This is the spirit in which we designed Vienna EUDC 2015.

You – debaters, judges, spectators, volunteers, sponsors and supporters – should find a playground for your ideas. EUDC is a festival where speech is limitless in supporting your thoughts.

Debating in Austria has come a long way.  Just five years ago, DK Wien had barely enough debaters to make a full BP-round. Today, thanks to the hard work and consistent training, DK Wien has shaped a vibrant Austrian community whose members excel internationally.

Organising a tournament in the size of EUDC proved to be an entirely different challenge. While we once had to concern only ourselves with  improving our speeches, DKWien is now full of outstanding event managers that are proud to be organizing the largest student-run event this city has ever seen. In stark contrast with debating, most issues of organisation are too complex to fit into seven minutes and every decision entails real world consequences. We, the Vienna EUDC Crew, will be busy running the event, but we will also celebrate with you! For us this is the final destination of an intense two-year long journey. None of this would be possible without the strong support of our Viennese Universities. Most importantly, we would like to extend our profound gratitude to the Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien for making this magnificent new campus available for us all. We are overjoyed to be able to host the European Debating community that has welcomed us so warmly. We hope you have a good time; let us enjoy Vienna EUDC as a festival
like no other!

Stefan and the Vienna EUDC Crew

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