The Vienna Amusement Tax

…or why our 1 EUR are obligatory at Prater Sauna and WUK

First, you need to know that Viennese people seem to love bureaucracy, or rather that the Viennese bureaucrazy loves itself. Indeed, the city of Vienna employs more bureaucrats than the institutions of the European Union, which is, well, a lot. These bureaucrats are quite creative, especially if it comes to inventing taxes. As result we end up with an abundancy of state, county and city taxes. This is why Vienna EUDC was at least as much a legal challenge as a logistical and organisational one.

The Viennese amusement tax is among the most creative but least logical of these taxes. The tax covers all kind of social events, so our socials at WUK and Pratersauna are taxable. The funny thing is, however how the tax is being calculated. Normally it is 15% of the entry price. However, if there was no entry price to the social, the city would take your reg fee as the entry price. Needless to say, that this would be excessive. The reg fee
covers hotel and food for 6 days, the socials are less than 1% of the cost in that regards. Hence we separate the socials. The 1 EUR entry price is the new basis, we will pay the tax from, and you will get an entry shot.

Why couldn’t you make the social free instead?
Because the city is not stupid, they also want to charge for free events. However, the fee for free events is calculated on the basis of the size of the venue rather than the number of people. For large venues like WUK and Pratersauna this is a major detriment.

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