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Championship Reception

Standing Ovations for the Crew at the Vienna EUDC Championship Reception at Rathaus

After more than 2 years of convening Vienna EUDC, I am proud to say this Festival of Freedom of Speech was a success.


For me Vienna EUDC was a huge endeavour which demanded a lot, especially in the past 6 month, but I gained so much experience in return. The reason why Vienna EUDC worked out lies in the incredible DKWien spirit that made everything so easy and the skills and committement of this outstanding crew:


Thank you,Jakob, the Ambassador and Vienna EUDC wizard whose visionary spirit is part of the soul of this 21st century tounament

Regina, who made sure we would all sleep well, with a perfect budget and financial planning, and because she would organise the things we would forget to think of.

Melanie, whose planning and committement to keep this tournament on time and running you could all feel.

Christoph, whose thorough organisation on the logistics & non-competition crew made sure we all would have to eat drink and get where we needed to go.

Andreas who made clamed us down made everyone happy as a chief of staff.

Katharina, Katharina, Felix, Florian in the hotel, registration and participant affairs crew who simply mastered their huge tasks flawlessly.

Anja, Daniel, Matthias, Matthias, Julian, Manuel and everyone else in the logistics who was responsible that everything was provided excectly the time it needed to be.

Damita who has not only been saving the English language in this crew but also did her best announcing the finals and directing our volunteer forces before that.

Roman for Debreg and the logistical support.

Fletch who was very much part of this crew since a year ago and took on some of the stressiest parts in the competition.

Marina who did so much more than just sorting out dietary requirements.

Ingo and Oleg who were pretty much resbonsible for all the Red Bull and partying.

Ania, Vivienne, Marietta and Madlen who carried Vienna EUDC out to the world.

Katja H for sorting out all our allergy special requirements and Katja S for solving some logistical problems.

Mark and Susann for announcing to the crowd.

Gwen and Miri on the finance desk.

Elli for the organisation of the tours and the entertainment programm.

Marvin for the great videos.

Rosie for her help in the Erste Bank project.

Nathalie for the logo.

Anika and Gabi for their work in the early phases of the bid.

Florian and Lukas for some legal advice.

April for the help in the funding team.


Our CAs Michael and Christine for their work in the palnning of the competition and the incredible motions they made up with Amanda, Gavin and Emilia.


Our Equity Team Emil, Yael, Leela and Peer for solving eveyr issue there was and their thinking ahead.


The cool tab team Calum and Richard.


Nika, Karin and Rebecca for sorting out the language statuses.


Our volunteers, Leonhard, Markus, Milos, Kathi, Peter, Anna, Lilian, Wlliam, Jisha, Julian, Ekatharina, Mihaela, Alexandra, Vicky, Nestor, Andreas V, Halina etc. without whom the competition would never have run as smoothly as it did.


Sorry I probably forgot someone, please let me know!

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