The Blue Danube Euros – Welcome Aboard!

Waltz into the imperial city of Vienna and enjoy a cocktail to the classic tunes that pervade the city. The Blue Danube Euros are going to be as classy as the imperial past of this place. There will be venues worth dressing up for, e.g. when the major of Vienna invites you all for the championship dinner in Vienna’s city hall. Yet, the Blue Danube Euros mean a lot more than that. The Danube as the continent’s second largest stream cuts through Europe’s centre like a lifeline and connects more countries than any other river in Europe. Same is true for Vienna Euros: Vienna is in the heart of Europe and easily and cheaply accessible from all over Europe.
Furthermore, the brand new campus of the Vienna University of Economics and Business is right next to the Danube – and so are most other venues.
It’s summer and the Danube also provides the refreshing waters for people when they need to cool off after a hard day of debating. Vienna Euros will embrace the water-and-sunshine-theme. Whether it’s a barbeque at the Danube, or a massive pirate party at the end, you better not forget ya boardies mate!

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