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What is debating, and what is happening at Vienna EUDC?

Debating is a sport in which arguments are exchanged between several speakers. The proposition and opposition side alternate in trying to support an opinion assigned to them with clear and coherent arguments, as well as disproving those of the opposing side. The debate is evaluated by a jury who determines the winners, justifies their decision and then gives the speakers feedback and makes suggestions for improvement.

The European Universities Debating Championship, or EUDC for short, is a European debate championship carried out yearly in summer. It is a competition between universities and their affiliated debate societies. EUDC is the most important and most influential tournament in the discipline and it is considered the highlight of the debating season in Europe. Hosting, as well as taking part, is a big honour that is not granted lightly to anyone.

In 2015, Debattierklub Wien is delighted to have the honour of hosting the prestigious tournament. As a very active and successful society with highly dedicated members, we are very excited to make EUDC 2015 an amazing event for everyone involved.

If you would like to know more, download our full information brochure here or contact for details.

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