Why Vienna is the most awesome city for EUDC

Vienna will have much to celebrate in summer 2015. Dance festivals (perhaps we might also ask the right honourable debaters and debatresses for a waltz?), film festivals (several for free), public BBQ places (No rent fee? Already sounds like a plan!) and the largest open air music festival in Europe (for free) will hardly leave any taste unsatisfied. Besides also fulfilling every need for global food tastes, Vienna boasts a rich cuisine tradition itself as well. As the capital city of a former empire, Vienna has incorporated the best recipes from all over central and eastern Europe, including beer from Bohemia, sweets from Slovakia, spicy Gulyás from Hungary and the famous Wiener Schnitzel, originally from Italy. There was no way missing how much Wiener Schnitzel met the delight of debaters at previous Viennese tournaments, so this will of course not be excluded from the menu.

At the average daytime temperature of 25,6 degrees Celsius, your debating tongue will not freeze as on the North pole of England, and neither will your cool drink boil away as in the Serbian desert.

When still celebrating (Do you remember “We never finish early” from our T-shirts?), what better occasion could we find to convene young people from all over Europe to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Austria acceding to the European Union? Or we will go on celebrating Austria’s joining the UNO 60 years ago, with Vienna now gratefully hosting the International Atomic Energy Association (IAEA).

Thou need not tremble, there are no atomic super rays flashing around in Vienna. In fact, Vienna is proud to be apparently the only European capital city to supply itself with its very own hydropower plants. And truly deservedly Vienna calls itself a green city, where for every citizen there are 120 square metres of green grounds, in part owing to the large urban Vienna Woods.

But also public parks and gardens are found everywhere across Vienna, whether in the very centre or on the outskirts with their vineyards and natural swimming ponds. Most important however is that our debating campus is set i n s i d e the largest park of Vienna, the Prater. Once an imperial hunting ground, it now features endless green alleys, swimming pools, Austria’s national football stadium, Vienna’s theme park “Wurstlprater” and a great selection of beer halls which serve the finest Austrian, German and Czech hop juices. Fortunately, all of these places have recently been directly connected to the city centre via the underground.

From the Northwest of Vienna comes the River Danube flowing, from the Southwest the Alpine spring water as Vienna’s finest tap water, from the Southeast mineral water from ancient volcanic springs. Whether you would like to immerse yourself into the cool Danube stream after a heated day of debating, or you just would like to clear your throat with fresh water for some more controversies, Vienna EUDC promises to be liquid in more than just one sense.
It’s time to ready your ship for the cruise to Vienna, Sailor!

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