The Vienna University Debating Championship explained – What is it and when can you watch?

What is Competitive University Debating?

In University Debating, students train their rhetorical and argumentative skills. In teams they argue the pro- and contra sides to a given motion. The motions are usually related to current issues in society. The students cannot pick the side they argue for and usually only have a limited time to prepare for the debate. Hence, debating requires the skill to analyse the topic quickly and thoroughly as well as a profound understanding of both sides of a topic.

In tournaments, experienced debaters act as adjudicators. They rank the teams according to how well they argued for their side and give constructive feedback.

What is Vienna EUDC?

The European Universities Debating Championship is the 2nd biggest debating tournament in the world and is hosted by the Vienna Debating Society aka Debattierklub Wien this year. In cooperation with  WU Wien (the Vienna University of Economics and Business), the event will host over 650 participants and judges from over 25 different countries.

Why should I watch the debates?

Three reasons for you to watch university debates at Vienna EUDC:

1) You want to hear great speeches.
The debaters at EUDC are the best speakers in their generation. Their speeches will not only be superb in terms of structure and rhetoric, but you will be inspired by their clever thoughts and arguments.

2) You are interested in current affairs.
The debating topics are about current political issues in our societies. In the debates you will hear arguments for and against potential solutions of our world’s problems. Seeing the debates will broaden your vision and make you aware of viewpoints and positions you did not think of before. You will be surprised how powerful and convincing the debaters’ arguments will be. Debating is a peaceful and democratic tool – we call it a contest of ideas.

3) It’s fun!
Debaters are an open minded bunch of people and they come over from all over Europe to compete in the championship. Come and be part of a cool and international crowd that is united by their love for the power of words.

That sounds excellent, so when can I watch?

The best occasion to see the debaters in action are the final rounds, which are all open to the public. The quarterfinals start on Thursday, 6th August at 2pm in the lecture halls on the ground floor of the Teaching Centre of the WU Campus.

On Friday, 7th August, the Semi-Finals start at 10am in the Ceremonial Halls of the Library and Learning Centre of the WU Campus, before the highlight of the week, the Grand Final kicks off at 2pm in the Forum of the Library and Learning Centre, WU Wien.

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Debattierklub Wien at last year's EUDC in Zagreb

Debattierklub Wien at last year’s EUDC in Zagreb (Foto (c) Hendrik Mädler)

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Vienna EUDC takes place at Campus WU, Welthandelsplatz 1, 1020 Wien

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